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Extraordinary Life FAQ

What are typical benefits and focus areas for senior level executive coaching?
  • Establish an executive presence that inspires and builds trust.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted confidant whose only agenda is the best interests of you and your organization.
  • Resolve challenges you face more quickly and easily, while minimizing struggle.
  • Learn to truly enjoy the life success you’ve earned, and establish an inspirational legacy.
  • Discover the keys to building a more engaged and cohesive culture.
What are typical benefits and focus areas for high potential leader coaching?
  • Gain the fast track to moving from a high performing manager to executive leader.
  • Discover your unique “influence blueprint” that leads to bottom line business results.
  • Learn and leverage your natural leadership strengths and limitations.
  • Avoid common political missteps typical of emerging leaders.
  • Develop strategies for handling conflict and building greater trust among your team, peers, and managers.
How does coaching work?

Coaching helps you find your own answers to the challenges you face. A coach will ask you the essential, often hidden, questions that confront your assumptions and beliefs. A coach guides you to discover innovative solutions. Heightened awareness and a new mindset empowers you to make purposeful and conscious choices by accessing answers that were previously out of reach. The quality of your solutions are only as good as the quality of your questions. The quality of your questions, if formed on your own, are unavoidably biased without objective coaching.  This objectivity is the heart and power of coaching with Extraordinary Life.

How is coaching different from consulting, training, or therapy?

Coaching is not about assessing a leader’s situation and then prescribing recommendations or strategies to implement: that’s consulting. Coaching is a powerful and strategic inquiry aimed at revealing solutions. Coaching asks “what if” and helps the client discover their own answers based on their wisdom and experience with the benefit of outside objectivity. It’s having a masterful guide as a partner in personal transformation.

Training is “how to.” It’s when a facilitator teaches new tools and strategies. It is aimed at the acquisition of skills and knowledge.  Training can accompany coaching, but the process and goals are different.

Therapy is typically focused on exploring emotional issues that are deeply rooted in the past and arise from life and relationship adversities. It’s working through the impact of those internal conflicts to discover greater empowerment and peace in the present. In contrast, coaching focuses on the present and creating a strategy to identify and reach one’s future potential.

Do we meet in person or by phone?

Coaching is often done by phone, or a combination of phone and in-person meetings, depending on client needs.

What is the cost to invest in coaching?

Coaching is a very custom experience. Your coach will design a package that best meets your needs, based on the desired outcome of the coaching. For individuals paying out-of-pocket, fees start in the low-five figures for a one-year engagement, and rise from there for senior level executives in midsize to large organizations. Each person is unique and so is the engagement; the fee reflects those differences.

How long does coaching take?

This is determined by the degree of impact, the transformation desired, and by how committed you are to establishing sustainable change. A 6-month minimum commitment is required to begin, and one year is highly recommended. The average engagement of Extraordinary Life clients is typically 18 – 24 months and often longer, determined by the needs of the business and the client’s goals. Once leaders discover the multi-faceted power and impact of coaching on their lives and leadership, they often find themselves even more committed to striving for their peak potential!

What's the coaching process?
  • First you meet with Al Spicer for a complimentary phone consultation to determine if coaching is appropriate, will meet your goals, and to determine whether you are a fit for Extraordinary Life.
  • If we are aligned, and you’re ready to move forward, then we begin the initial assessment. This prepares the client and coach for the in-depth foundation meeting, typically in-person.
  • Moving forward, using the objective and subjective insights from the assessment feedback and the foundation meeting, we determine your goals and co-develop your coaching plan.
  • The on-going appointments are typically monthly meetings by phone and/or in-person, varying from 1-3 times per month, determined by the client’s needs and goals.
  • The agenda is almost entirely determined by the client, with the support of the coach.
Are there any guarantees?

The goal of Extraordinary Life is to exceed your expectations and provide exceptional services. Our commitment is to operate from integrity, trust, respect, and impeccable business ethics. As an A+ level member of the Better Business Bureau, we walk our talk! If for any reason you are not satisfied let us know and we will do whatever we can to remedy your concern.

If for any reason you are remain dissatisfied with our attempts to resolve the issue, then we will refund the balance of payments you have made to date for services not yet provided. This is our guarantee; and we are proud to say this has never occurred in over 17 years of business!

We also guarantee coaching will be enlightening, invigorating, inspiring, challenging AND at times …. well, hard! Coaching is not a walk in the park. Personal transformation requires taking risks, hearing difficult feedback, trying new behaviors, and considering new perspectives. If you are ready to take on the challenge and responsibility to do what it takes to reach your goals and your dreams, then you WILL get wonderful results, beyond what you ever could have imagined.

Be confident in choosing Extraordinary Life to support your leadership and life potential!