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Beyond The Expected…
…Into Extraordinary.



Life. Leadership. Legacy.

What have you left untapped? For many leaders, bigger questions remain dormant and hidden, waiting to be ignited.

Extraordinary Life, Inc., is the spark that helps visionary leaders focus outward and chart their next course with conviction and clarity.

Do you relate to the following issues?


The perspective from the top can be hazy: which course to chart next?


Leaders have difficulty enjoying their success. Unnecessary sacrifices or mis-steps have been made, whether overworked, disconnected family relationships, discarded hobbies, or poor health, leaving a dusty trail of unfulfillment.


Despite demands for leaders to make the “right” decisions, it can feel impossible to find experienced support that doesn’t hide a personal agenda or subjective bias.

The answer for these problems is often hiding in plain sight!

It isn’t loneliness at the top: it’s clarity.

Clarity comes with a trusted source of support. Clarity grows from patience and curiosity that reveals answers. It comes with the courage to ask the unacknowledged questions. A quest for foresight.

It doesn’t require ESP or a crystal ball, although it may certainly feel that way.

Extraordinary Life serves pioneers who have asked “What’s next?” Leaders and leaders-to-be who are waking up, ready to claim their vision and purpose and fulfill their potential.


Get there with a trusted confidant, a solution strategist, a wise mentor, and learn to live and lead… extraordinarily.

Our Founder

Al Spicer

Extraordinary Life, Inc., is the brainchild of CEO and founder Dr. Al Spicer. Al has developed and honed a vision of achievement and contribution that is possible when people harness their leadership power, align with their life purpose, and live from the conviction of their legacy. He focuses on helping senior-level and emerging leaders expand their leadership acumen so they can grow remarkable businesses and enjoy the promise of an extraordinary life. It’s a mission of life by design: an alignment of LIFE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY.

Al Spicer is a masterful solution strategist, a fearless explorer of human potential, and intuitive guide. More than twenty years of experience (including a doctoral degree, multiple coach certifications, and personal journeys) have shaped Al into a trusted confidant and mentor for an elite clientele of innovators, creatives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

Extraordinary Life clients are pioneers who shoot for something beyond the moon. They’re committed and cultivate accomplishment by bringing passion and inspiration to a clear vision for themselves and those they serve. High achievers don’t obtain success without sacrifice, typically against incredible odds. Extraordinary living often materializes after overcoming extraordinary challenges.

Dr. Al Spicer
“Extraordinary Life is a mission of life by design: an alignment of LIFE, LEADERSHIP, and LEGACY.”
Al knows first hand the insidious, destructive dynamics that potentially lurk beneath the pristine, smooth appearance of success. With the loss of his father in infancy in an automobile accident, raised by a devastated mother who struggled with finding peace, and living with his stern self-made grandfather, Al experienced the peaks and valleys life can dish up beginning at an early age. This led to an insatiable thirst for answers to “what is it all about?”

Life offers infinite possibility to carve out the extraordinary, both outside and within. After decades of exploration, Al discovered his path that includes a commitment to help others live extraordinarily. With reverence for spirit, a pledge to personal responsibility, and a passion for candor and freedom, Al created Extraordinary Life.

With his wife Laura and two children, Al embraces the diverse opportunities of the Chicago-Metro area. His work-life is balanced with tennis, skiing, snowboarding, and track autosport. Regular infusions of music, art, philosophy, and spirituality round out his own commitment to living an extraordinary life.


  • CEO & Executive/Career/Life Coach, Action for Breakthroughs, Inc. (2000-2017)
  • Executive Board & 2003 President, International Coach Federation (ICF), Chicago Chapter
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), The Coaches Training Institute
  • Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner
  • Graduate of Coach University
  • PsyD (doctorate), Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago
  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Alumnus, Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA
Extraordinary Life, Inc. BBB Business Review
Professional Certified Coach
Authorized Partner of Disc
Member of International Coach Federation
Partner of The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner
Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner

Our Manifesto

What IS an
Extraordinary Life?

By definition, an extraordinary life is beyond ordinary. However, Webster’s Dictionary won’t quiet the echo of those nagging questions: “What is this all for? Am I truly happy and fulfilled? What is my true calling?”

To have an Extraordinary Life is to become an extraordinary leader. These people know the imprint they want to leave behind and steer their course for that legacy. They prevail beyond what is expected. It is an elite calling, and not for everyone.

So, what IS it all for? Living extraordinarily: conscious and deliberate alignment of one’s Life, Leadership, and Legacy.

An extraordinary life isn’t luck. It isn’t inherent.

It’s a decision.

It’s life by design. A life created by deliberate integrity and choice.

Extraordinary Life isn’t for those who need it. It’s for those who want it.



Discovery Storytelling

What if your audience of seasoned executive leaders encountered the unexpected and came away with clarity, momentum and practical solutions to navigate the challenges familiar to those at the top?

What if your audience experienced a live demonstration of insights that empowered someone in the room?

Eliminate boring lectures and fleeting motivational moments and show your audience some real inspiration! As a speaker at your event, our founder & CEO Al Spicer can provide your audience — with laser-focused, experiential presentations and on-the-spot, live coaching.

A dynamic storyteller, Al Spicer delivers with wit, authenticity, and passion. When Al speaks to the collective energy of a group who come together for insight, he inspires a journey of discovery, particularly crafted for innovators, seasoned leaders, and their inner circle.

After an initial consultation, Al can customize a speaking experience that is most aligned for your unique audience.


  • Finding Extraordinary: The Intersection of Life, Leadership, and Legacy
  • You’ve Arrived, So Now What? Discover How to Enjoy the Journey of Success
  • Turn Your Team into Your Tribe: Creating Alignment and Trust