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The Courage to Lead an Extraordinary Life

Al had the opportunity to join Jayne Warrilow for the Sacred Changemakers podcast. He shared his unique perspective on what it takes to lead an extraordinary life, and how he is helping business leaders redefine their definition of success. Al explored what it means to choose to live our lives by design, to find joy beyond our struggles, and how our breakdowns can become our breakthroughs. This was a powerful conversation that touched on a range of areas, from spiritual truth, the role of adversity in life, to how the choices we make, or don’t make, shape our lives. If you’re interested in understanding yourself or your life better, you’ll gain insights from this discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • What lies beyond the ordinary
  • How each of us can make extraordinary choices to live our life by design, not by default
  • How the pandemic is changing things including changing our definitions of success
  • How breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs
  • How is your life? Is it extraordinary?

“By default, we are the leaders of our lives, and we have impact and influence everywhere, all the time, wherever we go.” – Dr. Al Spicer

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