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New Name, New Frontier


Extraordinary Life envisions the sweet spot of true success: the activating intersection of Life, Leadership, and Legacy. After 17 years, my former business, Action for Breakthroughs, Inc, is officially retired: AFB, RIP! What does this mean for you? This is not a simple name change or logo re-design. It is a seismic shift in how Extraordinary Life will serve clients and is a literal and metaphoric reflection of who clients have and will become! We invite you to share the journey and check out our new home at As it approaches its 18th year, Action for Breakthroughs reflects on the help it offered hundreds of individuals and teams by transforming how they approach their work and lives. AFB created striking results in productivity, career and leadership development, personal fulfillment, and quality of relationships. In many cases, this included a reinvention of an individual’s meaning of life. What often opened in the process was access to defining and realizing personal and professional dreams. We are carrying these lessons forward, anew. There is a path. There is a way to unlock a life of meaning, where leadership and legacy intersect. A life that is defined as extraordinary.

This is Extraordinary Life.

We help clients unlock their own life of leadership and legacy. Extraordinary Life is a reinvention of lessons learned over the past two decades of helping leaders find their transformation by challenging their assumptions, seeing the gap between their current impact and the one they really desire, and discovering their true passion. We envision a community of wisdom-based leaders whose authenticity, integrity, and courage transform organizational culture and resilience. This, based on individual’s commitment to a transformational whole. The journey is as personal and unique as your thumbprint, however, the outcomes remain universal; perhaps it is best captured by this metaphor: The breakthroughs our clients experience are like climbing a steep and rocky mountain, accompanied by all the frustration, challenge, and self-doubt that can be part of the path. As they reach the peak, they may feel depleted and possibly a bit disoriented. Clients may even sense the gloom of “now what?” as they question whether they’ve pursued the “right” summit. With determination and guidance from Extraordinary Life, their vision ahead becomes clear. The real summit of fulfillment is no longer a hope or distant image, but a reality, within grasp and imminent! This is the journey of Life. Leadership. Legacy. Of leading an Extraordinary Life! If you are ready for your Extraordinary Life, schedule your consultation below!

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